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The Intersection Podcast

Where Faith And Politics Meet

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About The Intersection

Faith and politics. Not exactly best friends. Two things that most people are hesitant to talk about, often keep private, and certainly don’t want to mix. The truth is that they actually mix everyday. Every politician has been shaped and built by their own spiritual journey, no matter what faith that is. “The Intersection” is a non-partisan look at the way politicians of every background, party, and persuasion are being influenced by their faith.

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Meet The Host

Daniel King

Daniel King

Daniel King is the Operations Pastor at Next Level Church, regularly named one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine. Daniel has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Spanish. He oversees the overall operations of Next Level Church, ensuring integrity in finances, facilities, and systems within the organization. He also leads the assimilations, communications, financial, and missions teams for NLC. Daniel, Katherine, and their 2 children have been part of the NLC staff since 2008.

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